About the Lovable Hound

In the early days of Clarke Veneers and Plywood, Joe Clarke and son, Holden Clarke, developed a love for the arts and enjoyed giving carved wooden animals from various parts of the world to special customers and suppliers. Over time, this passion for the arts grew as Holden became an important supporter of the arts community in Jackson, MS. One area that became a focal point was the Mississippi Craftsman’s Guild (www.mscrafts.org). While involved with this organization, Holden met a wood carver named Don Moore. Don’s style was creative and yet primitive. Holden became interested in his style and a friendship was forged.

Thus, for Christmas in 1980, Holden ordered his first batch of Hound Dogs, all hand carved and hand painted, each one unique in its own appearance. After the first year’s Hound Dogs were received by friends in the industry, more were requested for the next year. More Hound Dogs were mailed to friends in the industry in 1981, and for the next twenty-three years, Don Moore carved more and more Hound Dogs, each year in a different pose.

After twenty-five years hand-making carved wooden Hound Dogs, Don Moore retired. An attempt was made by Stuart H. Clarke and Bronson E. Newburger to find a new wood carver. For a couple of years a new wood carver went to work on the project, but not with the same results.

Happily for Christmas 2011, a new wood carver was found and a new generation of Hound Dogs was begun.